My controllers are out of sync with the game. How can I calibrate the controllers?

The first time you start the Rock Band 4 game, you will get the calibration screen. Here you will be able to calibrate your Game to get the Game Audio and the Game Visuals in sync with each other. The manual calibration can be done using the guitar controller or with the Rock Band Drum Kit. Note that this is an overall synchronization, meaning that if you sync your game with the guitar, then the game will be in sync for your drums as well. You can access the calibration from the options menu on the game as well and sync your game using these steps:

- Using your Guitar controller Scroll down in the main menu to the options section
- Press the green fret to establish your selection
- Scroll down again to the calibration menu
- Here you can select "calibrate system"

- The first part of the calibration will be for the Audio Lag
- The second part of the calibration will be for the Video Lag

- During a manual calibration, strum your guitar or hit your drum on the timing of the metronome sound in the game to calibrate the Audio lag
- Strum your guitar or hit you drum on the visual timing of the on-screen metronome to calibrate the Video lag

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