Windows 10 drivers for Xbox One Controllers

This guide is to help the user install the Xbox One Controller Driver for their PDP Xbox One Controller on a Windows 10 PC that did not automatically install the correct Xbox One driver for their controller. This will also help you in case the Control Hub App does not recognize your controller.

Please follow the step by step instructions as follows:

1. Click the Start Menu and type in ‘devices’ (1.1). Then click the search option ‘Devices and Printers’ (1.2) that would appear in the search results.


2. Plug in your controller, and you should see a driver icon related to your controller pop up in Devices and Printers window (usually under unspecified). Right click that icon and click Properties (2.1). In the Properties window, click the Hardware Tab (2.2) and verify that in the Device Functions window you don’t see a Driver with name “Xbox One Controller” and Type “Xbox Peripherals” (2.3). Then click Properties (2.4).


3. In the other Properties window that would pop up, click ‘Change Settings’ (3.1). And in the next properties window that would pop up, click the ‘Driver Tab’ (3.2) and then click ‘Update Driver’ (3.3).


4. In the Driver search window that will pop up, click “Browse my computer…” (4.1) and then click “Let me pick…” (4.2).


5. Make sure the “Show compatible hardware” option is unchecked (5.1), then in the Model list, search for “Xbox One Controller” and click it (5.2). Click Yes (5.3) on the “Update Driver Warning” pop up that may appear.


6. You may see an installation progress window for the Xbox One driver and then see a message stating that windows has successfully updated your drivers (6.1). To verify, you can go to Devices and Printers window again and see that your controller driver icon has changed to a gamepad (6.2). Now you can use your controller as an Xbox One controller on your PC.



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