I have the Drum Kit connected to my Xbox One, but my controller seems to double hit or miss hits on songs when I'm playing. How can I resolve these issues?

  • first make sure the game and your Xbox One are completely up-to-date (This is mandatory in order to make the drums work. The newer PDP Kits are recognized properly after the latest updates in the game)
  • Disconnect the Drum Kit from the console, turn the console OFF and Unplug the power cable for a bout 10 minutes. Now reconnect the power and turn the Xbox One back ON.
  • Now reconnect the Drum Kit to the console (make sure new batteries are used to ensure sufficient power on the controller)
  • Make sure you're assigned into a profile with the controller and then start the game.
  • Calibrate the controller on your game and then you will be ready to go!

(Note that the Auto Calibration is the most reliable calibration, this can be done using the Rock Band 4 guitar. If the auto calibration isn't working on your TV or if you don't own the Guitar, then you can use the manual calibration on the Drums as well)

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