How can I pair my Snap Remote to my PS4 System?

Check the PS4™ system software version
To use the Snap Remote, the PS4™ system
software must be version 3.0 or later. You can
check the system software version by selecting
Settings -> System -> System Information.

Pairing the Snap Remote with a PS4™ system
This operation is performed only once, when you
are using the Snap Remote for the first time.

  1. Turn on the PS4™ system.
  2. Using a connected controller, select: Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices from the PS4™ system menu.
  3. Press the PS button once to active, the remote.

  4. Next, press and hold the SHARE button and the PS button simultaneously until the red LED begins to flash.
  5. Place the remote close to the PS4™ system and wait for “PDP Snap Remote” to appear in the device list.
  6. Using a connected controller, select “PDP Snap Remote” from the list, and press the “X" button. When prompted, select “Yes”.
  7. The red LED on the remote will illuminate for 3 seconds and then turn off, indicating successful pairing.
  8. If pairing is unsuccessful, repeat steps 3 through 6.
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