Connecting Nomad to a Mobile Device

• Download the App, available on Google Play™ and from the App Store.
• Turn “ON” your NOMAD ND1 Remote Control Vehicle.
• Top and bottom headlamps start blinking to prepare for pairing.
• When the top and bottom headlamps stop blinking, the vehicle is ready for pairing.
• Go to your mobile devices Wi-Fi settings.
• Turn Wi-Fi “ON” and connect your mobile device with the SSID
• Once connected, launch the NOMAD ND1 App.
• Review and agree to Mobile App Terms and Conditions.
• Tap on “CONNECT” on the top left side of the screen.
• Once connection is established, you will see the operations screen.
• For operations assistance, tap the question mark icon.
• 802.11G Channel 9 used only.

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