Why can’t I see the remote in the device list during pairing?

If another remote is in the “Bluetooth devices” list, no other remote will pair, as only one remote can be connected to the console at a time. You will need to remove the other remote from the list:

  1. Go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth Devices.
  2. Select your other remote from the list and choose “Disconnect” option.
  3. Using your PS4 controller, select your other remote from the devices list again.
  4. Press Options with your PS4 controller.
  5. Select “Forget Device”.
  6. Confirm your selection “OK”.
  7. Restart your console.
  8. Remove your remote’s batteries and put them back again.
  9. Once your console is ON, start pairing your remote by pressing PS and Share button for a few seconds until the LED starts blinking continuously.
  10. Find your remote on “Bluetooth devices” menu, select it and “Register”.
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