The buttons do not work

If switching controls from device to another device, please remember to press the appropriate DEVICES button (PS4, TV, AMP, CBL) first before pressing the desired button. For example: If you are controlling the TV’s volume then decide to use the PS4 control buttons, please ensure to press the blue “PS4” button located in the DEVICES section of the remote first. If switching back to TV controls, please press the “TV” button in the DEVICES section of the remote, then press the TV related button.

Additionally, the Volume Punch Through feature allows you control the volume without having to manually press the Devices buttons, once you have activated this feature.

To activate Volume Punch Through:

1 ) Hold down the gray device key for the device that should always control volume and the MUTE key at the same time.

2) The red LED will flash 3 times to indicate Volume Punch Through is successful

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