Product Overview & Manual

Model No.: 878-018-NA-MAR

Gears of War 4 Prop Replica Customized Lancer

PDP proudly presents the officially licensed Gears of War 4 Prop Replica Lancer. Fans of the popular franchise will have no trouble showing off with their very own 1:1 prop replica of Marcus Fenix’s Customized Lancer featured in Gears of War 4, accurately modeled from in-game design files. Weighing in at over 10 pounds, this authentic hand finished and painted replica features the iconic chainsaw bayonet, adjustable sight, levers, safety switches, and illuminated LED lights. The included removable and fully functioning flashlight adds to the detail and authenticity of the prop replica.

This prop replica is a must have for all Gears of War enthusiasts.

Product Specifications

  • Officially licensed by Microsoft
  • Hand finished and painted Gears of War 4 1:1 prop replica
  • Adjustable sight, levers, triggers and switches
  • Included removable and functional flashlight
  • Features illuminated LED lights
  • Dimensions: 41.7" L x 5.1" W x 13"H, weighs 10.5 lbs


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