How do I connect my Dolby Prismatic headset to my PC?

  1. Plug the USB power cable into the power port of the Dolby transmitting tower and an available USB port on the PC.

  2. Connect the correct audio cable:

    - If your PC is equipped with an optical cable port, connect the optical cable into the PC’s optical port, and the optical port on the Dolby transmitting tower.

    - If your PC does not have an optical port, connect the grey 3.5mm line in cable into the line in port of the Dolby transmitting tower and the PC’s headphone port.

  3. Open your PC’s Playback Devices; select the optical sound card (name varies from sound card brands) as the Default Device

  4. Open your PC’s Recording Devices; set the Afterglow Headset as the Default Communication Device.
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