How do I connect my Afterglow headset to my mobile device?

Setting up your Afterglow headset is quick and easy.

Take the Gray 3.5mm auxiliary cable that came in the packaging with your headset.

Plug one end of the cable into your mobile device.

Plug the other end into the Line In port on your headset.  Your headset does not need to be turned on to work with a mobile device.

Please note that all volume adjustments will be controlled from the mobile device, the volume dial on the headset will not work while the auxiliary cable is plugged in.

Plug the USB on your Dongle into a USB port or US power source to power the Dongle

There is a 3.5mm connection at the end of the cable attached to the USB. (If that cable has the red/white RCA connection, simply remove that cable to reveal the 3.5mm plug)

Plug that 3.5mm plug into the headphone jack on your mobile device. 

To adjust the volume, use the in-line controls on your headset.

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