How do I link my Rock Candy Keyboard to the dongle for the Rock Candy Mouse?

When you have both the Rock Candy keyboard and the Rock Candy mouse, then you can link the keyboard to the mouse's dongle. This way you will be able to use one single dongle to connect both the mouse and the keyboard to your PC or Mac computer. This way you won't have to connect 2 USB dongles to your PC and you will save a USB Slot. Follow the instructions below to connect the keyboard to the dongle.

- Make sure both the dongle for the keyboard and the dongle for the mouse are disconnected from any USB port and that the Rock Candy Mouse is turned off.

- Press both the 'Esc' and the '=' buttons at the same time until you see the LED light on the keyboard turning on in a constant light

- Connect the USB Dongle for the Rock Candy mouse to your PC. The LED light on the keyboard will now turn off. 

- You can now use the keyboard. Turn the Rock Candy Mouse on and you will now be able to use both the Rock Candy Mouse and the Keyboard with a singe USB dongle.

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