How can I use the function button to change the LEDs on my controller?

Next changing the chat audio settings on your controller, the function button (the triangular button right next to the right analog stick) can be used to change the Afterglow lighting settings to your personal preference. Next to the color and brightness, 4 unique light modes can be selected.

  • To change the color and brightness, press and hold the function button. While you hold down the button, you can use the left analog stick to control the color and the left trigger (LT) to change the brightness. After you've set up the controller to your taste, release the function button before letting go of the analog stick or trigger. The settings are now saved.
  • To cycle through the light modes, press and hold the function button. You can use the left and right bumpers (LB and RB) to cycle through the light modes. After you have selected your favorite mode, you can release the function button. There are 4 available light modes:
  1. On: LEDs are on and set to your color
  2. Breating: LEDs will slowly fade in and out to the set color
  3. Cycle: LEDs will cycle through a variety of colors
  4. Stick: LEDs will react to the movement of the analog sticks
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