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Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller for Nintendo Switch User Guide



  • Charles
    I try to calibrate the control but it doesn't work, what I can do?
  • Emmaleigh Mansfield

    I was able to troubleshoot my controller, after the only thing it did was glow when charging. I was so worried that my controller wouldn't work. I am so glad that I was to find the article, because I was starting to freak out. It helps alot, my controller works now.

  • Permanently deleted user

    My controller will no longer charge. I plug the controller into my Switch deck and it lights up red once and then nothing. It will not turn on if I unplug the remote but when it is plugged in I can use it to play games. I believe the battery is just dead which is annoying because I just bought it three months ago. Has anybody else had this issue?

  • Theodore Colon

    My controller keeps reprogramming the buttons differently on it's own. I sometimes just let it sit there and then it works fine but then it doesn't.

  • Matthew Shafer

    the top rated solution for programming the back pads is connect it to an Xbox One and use the app...which begs the question, why would you sell a controller licensed by Nintendo and clearly labeled Nintendo Switch and then create a support app for that controller on a completely different console than the one you clearly marketed it for ? That makes no sense at all .

  • Andrew

    Might have something to do with Nintendo security

  • Gee-weels

    J'ai acheté un de veau manette  et elle étais totalement déprogrammer je n'ai pu joué avec beaucoup de temps et pour cela je demande remboursement ou renvoi d un manette neuves cordialement 

  • Robermio Rg

    my controller has now drift just after a month I did buy it, I tried to do the calibration that claims to fixed it several times but it still has drift, reset just make the green leds blink as always, not sure if the calibration even works

  • Xzaviar larance

    So for the people wondering there is a solution on this website to help with if like myself your controller only lights up when plugged in and that's it. Whether it works or not I don't know but its worth a shot for anyone with this issue.


    Edit: it does work.

  • Xzaviar larance

    And for Robermio Rg the solution I found for that is you can pull the analog sticks up a bit and if there is dirt or stuff in there just blow on it for a second and it should fix.

  • Billy Walchuk

    The left stick keeps sticking and drifting and will not calibrate. 

  • Brandy Schexnayder

    How do I know if controller is charging (wireless afterglow Nintendo Switch controller)?
    Is it possible it will only charge if it connected to the switch console DOCK?
    I have it plugged into the wall & soon as I unplug the controller is off /dead?
    It’s brand new my son is so upset please HELP???

  • Stephen Wanigesekera

    How do I turn off the back buttons?  It's a little annoying when playing Zelda and using the paraglider - if I accidentally tap the back button, he closes the glider and starts falling :(


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