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PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows 10 PC User Guide



  • Robert Lovell


  • John Wick

    Has of today, the links above don't work for my Kinetic Wired Xbox Series X PC Controller. However, I found another paper where it works. 


    Does this controller work on a PC? – PDP North America Support (

  • War_Danc3r

    I installed the PDP controller hub, which continuously makes my controller jump or cycle through all available fields. This affects the Xbox game bar, and the in-game selections menu - it constantly cycles through all game options. I installed the suggested driver - it recognizes the controller but, windows also picks up an unknown USB device. I then removed the driver and controller hub and it's still doing this field cycling unless I totally disconnect the PDP controller. Now I'm trying to get it back to where it was just a connected controller and everything worked as expected. 

    Does anyone know what registry entries PDP controller hub adds so I may remove them? or some other possible fix that might make my controller fields stop cycling endlessly - or reset the controller to default without the PDP controller hub? 

  • Jugger Nog

    My rgb lights don’t work

  • StalinKramer

    links dont work. great tech support

  • Cammy White

    BUGGY Controller! The HUB is glitchy and PDP Support knows this! These PDP controllers are designed to go buggy after some time; no wonder why there is a Controller HUB to attempt to fix the BUGGY CONTROLLER.

    I am frustrated now every day having to recalibrate this controller in the HUB. I can't play my games requiring a controller setup; for some, I just prefer using the controller.

    This happened after a month of purchasing this controller at Best Buy. My fifteen days are up to return and replace this controller. I am stuck with a glitchy and BUGGY controller. Street Fighter 6 BETA# 2 is Dec. 16. I came close to slamming this trash, SCAMMING controller -- the BETA is the only thing stopping me from placing it in my driveway and driving over it with my car tires. I unplugged it and tucked it in my drawer until BETA# 2 in hopes I'll be patient again to spend an entire FUKCING DAY recalibrating this cursed PDP SHIT SCAM CONTROLLER AGAIN. I hope PDP FUCKING GOES OUT OF BUSINESS. YOU FUCKING SCAMMING FUKERSSS!!!

  • S S

    I have win7, i install PDP Controller Drivers (32 bit and 64 bit).zip but my controller wont work.

    any other option?

  • ashley-gordon steele

    Seems there is no hope for anyone with me buying my disabled lad a pdp controller to
    Play on his series s and had it a day if that then lights wouldn’t turn on and when put usb in it it would only vibrate then nothing so I went and swapped it then same happening with new one plus done calibration myself about 10 times nothing happening need help my disabled lad can walk and doesn’t go out only plays his Xbox

  • Lwew0822

    I keep getting the "Server error" message and am unable to use the Control HUB. Can anyone help. 

  • Kevin Steele

    wasting your time writing in here they have shit customer support. They ignore all your emails.


  • Posso 1.

    How do I order my warranty ticket? My controller has a faulty RT

  • nikola vranac

    my analog sticks don't work properly and I've had for like 1.5 months. the older products work better even old Xbox one controller (which I've had for like 4 years) work better then this.

    sorry I had to say it

  • Roderick Dawkins

    You are going to need to call and get a problem ticket for your issue, once you have gone through the trouble shooting steps, they should replace the controller.  Make sure you have a copy of your purchase.

  • abadman972

    the app just killed my controller... im so mad, A button decided to stop working , tried the app to check what was the problem , now all my buuton are dead after i put everything back to default... 6 months controller...

  • Christopherpandiella

    I wish i looked at these comments before i bought the BFG, bout a hundred+ $ roller, just to have issues in both sticks. Then sent emails that were never replied to, had to CALL to get a response and start an RMA or return if a miracle happens, and its been jumping thru hoops to get warranty service. had tot record gameplay of the issues occuring...never heard of such a condition. Ludacris. Save your money. 



    The Left button and right buttons above the triggers are put together VERY VERY cheap inside.

    Dropped my controller once. It must have hit the left button because it stopped working. I unscrewed the back, opened it,   and a very tiny , VERY THIN piece of plastic fell out.

    Under a bright magnified light, I saw that the little piece of plastic was the support to hold another very small piece of plastic arm, which pressed the button.

    That tiny arm cracked right in half.

    After an hour of microsurgery I was able to construct my own version and superglue a much stronger brace and arm.

    About a month later the same thing happened to the other side.

    Very VERY cheaply made.

    Before this one I had a PowerA that the left joystick went haywire. These look identical in the package at the store, but the audio button on this one ( PDP) , wasn't the same. I didn't have the volume booster.

    Dont like these AT ALL. WONT EVER GET ANOTHER.

    Definitely a complete of money.


    NO KIDDING .....

    Not two minutes after my FIRST review, I picked up my controller to play Hitman3.

    The left joystick movement on screen went ZING to the right without touching it.

    Everything I did it, it just kept going right.

    I had wobble the stick real hard like 50x to stop it





  • Yajuvendra Choubey

    Exceptionally Wretched assistance and truly disappointed. I needed assistance obtaining the code for an Xbox Ultimate one-month subscription. I bought a PDP controller yesterday and am waiting for the code via email. I've never encountered such poor customer service or a pitiful company policy with such a lack of concern for the customer. It appears to be a waste in the event that cash buying regulator from you. We are forced to give your business a poor review as a result of this. Plz don't purchase any of their product to avoid worst customer service.

  • Sean Kroulek

    Yep, they are selling faulty crap, and they know it. Lawsuit anyone.

  • Troy Marshall

    bro the charger is not working for some reason and everytime I try using a different one it don't work.

  • Bryce Williams

    These controllers have been a perfect example of why I've always avoided 3rd party products when it comes to gaming, I've heard nothing but horror stories and then experienced it myself trying to use my buddies pdp afterglow xbox controller. The triggers will stop working and and the analog joysticks will fall out of calibration so I was constantly going to the pdp hub for testing and calibration or doing the unplug and re plug while holding down method for calibration. In summary I'm in the market for a couple new controllers and I'm definitely going to spend the extra money to make sure they are Microsoft. I NEVER buy 3rd party gaming products. The risks or frustration are not worth the savings. Dont be cheap. Dont buy 3rd party. I know some people have some luck going the cheap route but it's not for me. I'm not willing to risk it just to save a few bucks. When it comes to electronics you get what you pay for and if the protection plan makes sense they can be potentially worth more than what you put into them. Just be a smart consumer. Do your research, read reviews, gauge risk vs reward etc. and come out on top with smart buys. Good luck everyone.

  • Damiandangel67

    Stopped working after 2 days, won't power on at all, and has left my Xbox unusable even with my old controller. Thank for destroying my console. Their products aren't worth buying.


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