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PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows 10 PC User Guide



  • Robert Lovell


  • John Wick

    Has of today, the links above don't work for my Kinetic Wired Xbox Series X PC Controller. However, I found another paper where it works. 


    Does this controller work on a PC? – PDP North America Support (

  • War_Danc3r

    I installed the PDP controller hub, which continuously makes my controller jump or cycle through all available fields. This affects the Xbox game bar, and the in-game selections menu - it constantly cycles through all game options. I installed the suggested driver - it recognizes the controller but, windows also picks up an unknown USB device. I then removed the driver and controller hub and it's still doing this field cycling unless I totally disconnect the PDP controller. Now I'm trying to get it back to where it was just a connected controller and everything worked as expected. 

    Does anyone know what registry entries PDP controller hub adds so I may remove them? or some other possible fix that might make my controller fields stop cycling endlessly - or reset the controller to default without the PDP controller hub? 

  • Jugger Nog

    My rgb lights don’t work

  • StalinKramer

    links dont work. great tech support

  • Cammy White

    BUGGY Controller! The HUB is glitchy and PDP Support knows this! These PDP controllers are designed to go buggy after some time; no wonder why there is a Controller HUB to attempt to fix the BUGGY CONTROLLER.

    I am frustrated now every day having to recalibrate this controller in the HUB. I can't play my games requiring a controller setup; for some, I just prefer using the controller.

    This happened after a month of purchasing this controller at Best Buy. My fifteen days are up to return and replace this controller. I am stuck with a glitchy and BUGGY controller. Street Fighter 6 BETA# 2 is Dec. 16. I came close to slamming this trash, SCAMMING controller -- the BETA is the only thing stopping me from placing it in my driveway and driving over it with my car tires. I unplugged it and tucked it in my drawer until BETA# 2 in hopes I'll be patient again to spend an entire FUKCING DAY recalibrating this cursed PDP SHIT SCAM CONTROLLER AGAIN. I hope PDP FUCKING GOES OUT OF BUSINESS. YOU FUCKING SCAMMING FUKERSSS!!!


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